Assignment #5
It’s time to be honest. How much did you really spend on clothing, shoes and accessories the past year? Have a look at your bank statements from last year and see if you can make an overview from your spendings. Don’t forget anything, you also bought socks, lingerie and tights! If it’s hard to trace back your expenses (or if you just bought very very much) you can also sum up everything from one month and multiply it by 12.

What do you think of this amount of money? Is it more than you expected? Is it more than you agreed on with yourself?
And what part of this money did you spend on clothes that you hardly ever worn?

What do you want to do with the money you save during this year?
And what are your thoughts for the future: would you like to spend more or less on clothing? Would you consider to buy less items and spend more money per item?

Looking back at my bookkeeping, I find that I spent 825 euro on clothes, make-up, and the like. That’s a lot of money, but still less than I spent in earlier years (around 100 euro per month). I’ve decided to use a bit of this for good causes, the first being a donation to the Women’s Library in Utrecht, where I’m also a volounteer.

IMG_3672 deze-1

About the amount: I had thought, that I had spent less on clothes in earlier years, around 75 euro per month. But it’s a lot more. So much for my ascetic life style 😉

My plans for after this year: spend more per piece, buy better quality clothes… and also more second-hand. But I had started doing that already, buying clothes that are more interesting and made by small labels (and I hope therefore not made by children etc.).