Again, I’m really late with the second assignment of the Free Fashion Challenge – this is how it’s going to be.

Assignment #2
Make a contract with yourself. Write down that you will stop shopping for one year and make a list of your reasons why.

I have different reasons to stop shopping clothes etc. for a year.  The most important might be that I’ve had a rather Protestant upbringing and have a mother, who can be – at times – rather ascetic. Somewhere, I have this asceticism too, that I parade around as a green consciousness, having left the church. And still, it’s not only parading: I find being green is imperative, what whith the environment suffering like it is.

So here are my overt reasons:

  • getting more in touch with my wardrobe, i.e. finding out which gems I’m hiding in my closet. The inventory made me realise once again, that I have all kinds of clothes, I haven’t been wearing for a long time. They are not always that fashionable, but neither am I, so…
  • Not consuming as much, with regards to the environment. Considering how textiles lay a burden on our resources, that is not a bad thing to do.
  • Thinking more about how I combine what I have. Some time ago, I was a guinea pig for someone demonstrating how she could advice about colour. I turned out to be a autumn-type, while having my closet full of red & blues (and some black & green). Last year, I bought quite a number of clothes in brown, olive, orange, turquoise. Now, I’d like to combine my old clothes with the new ones to find out what is still ‘acceptable’. I made this colour board, see what I can do…