Assignment #4
Hunt for that happy feeling. Try to make some new innovative combinations, explore the web for Do-It-Yourself-inspiration and go shopping in your own wardrobe. Write down the compliments you get:
‘Wow, you look amazing, is that a new dress?’ ‘No 🙂 I found a new way to wear it!’

If you think this is a difficult assignment, ask someone to help you and together you take a couple of hours to have a close look at your wardrobe. Mix & match and take pictures of clothing combinations that make you happy. A visual tool to help you out on days when you don’t know what to wear.

Again, I think: “I don’t have time for this!”. But I did dive into my closet and fished out a few things, I haven’t worn for more than a year, if not longer.

One of them is a dark petrol sweater from turnover, that I bought a few years ago. I always thought it would be too warm at the office, but that’s okay. Have worn it a few times, didn’t get any compliments though. When I get compliments, it’s usually for when I’ve got my hair in a bun, or for my indestructible Oilily green tweed coat, that I bought something like 10 years ago – or for my lime coloured La Crosse Hampton rubber boots.