Quite some time ago, this assignment reached me:

Assignment #1
Make an inventory of your wardrobe and describe/illustrate/photograph/document the content of your wardrobe.

To be honest, I must admit that I my first thought was “What are they thinking?”. It’s clear, that this assignment comes from someone with time on her hads…

I won’t be able to document this very well. First, half my clothes are in boxes in the attic (most of my summer clothes) as I don’t have a lot of storage space in my living quarters. Second, a lot is in the hamper… Third, I’d also have to make an inventory of all my yarn… Fourth,   the time aspect. I see the ratio behind this assignment: to get a better idea of what you have in your house. But it would take too much of my time to fold all those clothes again, so I’m not doing it in a way that requires unfolding of all my clothes. I’ll be quick about it and chose a way that suits my former occupation, that of a data analist. I’ll count and aggregate….

sandals 1
boots 2
party dresses 3
night wear 4
(parts of) suits 5
tops (sleeveless) 5
underskirts & -dresses 6
trousers 9
shoes (laces) 10
skirts 11
dresses 13
cardigans 13
shoes (pumps etc.) 14
sportswear (shorts, trainers, track suits, bras) 15
tops (short sleeves, incl. t-shirts) 40
tops (long sleeves, incl. sweaters, t-shirts, shirts) 55
scarves etc 2 boxes
underwear & socks 2 drawers
leggins, long johns 2 shoeboxes
tights 4 boxes
Bags (all kinds of) 6 boxes

As you can see, I have an awfull lot of clothes. I don’t often throw things away…..