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Op de achterbank

Was in het weekend op een flitsbezoek in Denemarken in verband met het overlijden van mijn oom Klaus, waar ik tijdens mijn middelbare schooltijd (laatste twee jaar) ook bij in huis woonde. Big deal dus, ook al was hij bepaald der dagen zat. Tijdens het rijden zo veel zitten breien dat ik nu wat last heb van mijn linker elleboog:

Breiend in de auto

(c) Matthijs van Gessel


Danske sange

Yesterday, my friend Rianne H asked me for some good danish songs (capturing the Danish spirit as it were) for her choir. It turned into a journey into a shared past (kuch kuch) on youtube. It really made me happy to hear these songs again. Even though I haven’t heard them for twenty years or so and they’re absent from my dutch environment, I know a lot of the lyrics still! Just goes to show that what you’ve been a part of as a child, lingers. And also it shows how you can’t assimilate a 100% in your new country.

Here’s a few of the songs:

I wish both my readers 😉 a very happy 2011!! My main New

Year’s resolution is the same as last year:

Count my


My other resolutions are:

  • Relax more
  • See more friends more often
  • Do some extra mural self study

    towards my job and my own employability (one never


  • Blog

    some more

  • The

    usual: healthier lifestyle.

Learning from mistakes

I knitted a raglan cardigan for myself. It doesn’t really fit. I only use it when I’m in pyjamas or when nobody sees me. So I’m going to frog parts of it and turn it into a cat blanket. One can never have too many of those…

Britney bij breiwerk

Britney bij breiwerk


Britney OP breiwerk

Britney OP breiwerk


On ravelry, I’ve noted the lessons from this project:

 First I started with the standard raglan sweater pattern from Hoensestrik and had knitted the body + 1,5 sleeve. I was rather far with the 2nd sleeve, but found that my gauge was really too far off for them to be comfortable. So I frogged it. And started over again….

Gauge: 10X10 cm = 19 st X 28 rows.

finally finished this thing last month (jan 2010). Am not entirely satisfied. Will use it as a learning project 😉 The back is too wide, the sleeves too long, the collar to wide, all of it too big except the sleeves which are fine. I’ll use it indoors 😉 

december 2010
I found out, that I had mismeasured my arms (they were shorter) and that the measurements on the back were too wide. Also I had 1 or 2 sts less per 10 cm than in my swatch, and in the raglan part a more than that. So this is what I’ve learned:

– Knit the swatch in the round. My knitting in the round is loser than to and fro. [I did knit the swatch in the round, actually…. I’m too inconsistant].
– Base measurements on an existing cardigan, not only my body.
– Knit the raglan part with thinner needles (0,5 should do)
– check the gauge while knitting.

 Hopefully, I’ll make a better job of what I ‘design’ myself. I don’t see to have a lot of success making stuff myself. Alas, it seems that autodidact means ‘not good at it’ in this case….

Social Saturday

(c) Teun Duynstee


Today was such a nice day – didn’t let the weather (snow storms etc.) keep me inside the house. First I went out for some Christmas gifts for my husband – but didn’t succeed as the record shops didn’t stock any of the titles that I wanted and the book shop hadn’t gotten the book I had ordered, home yet. Also I forgot about looking for the gift for my mother in-law. Subsequently, I went knitting at Hofman’s. After I’d been solo knitting for about half an hour and as I was just in the process of paying for my coffee, Karin arrived and half an hour so later, Marita joined us. All in all a nice knitting session. Later I went over to Andrea’s – via more poorly stocked shops – for an hour of tea drinking, knitting and chatting about work and spinning (and admiring her homespun which is really smooth and of wonderful colours and texture). The trip home by means of slow busses took about three quarters of an hour – but looking out of the windows at the snowy city scape was worth it.

Now I’m at the laptop with a glass of sherry, in the company of my husband, blogging and about to do some volounteer work for the Ziel van Zuilen (an invitation for the New Years Drinks & Speeches).

(as you can see, my private life is quite  quiet and fairly rewarding at the moment, it’s at Cogis, it’s busy busy busy).

Goed weggekomen

Nou, ben ik blij dat ik al afgestudeerd ben:

My first Laura Ashley

In my quest for a non-jersey, slightly sixtes-like, dress, I actually bought one at Laura Ashley. The shop I didn’t want to be found dead in earlier. How old age mellows one’s likes and dislikes… 😉


Eerste werkdag bij Cogis

Gisteren eerste werkdag bij Cogis!

Totdat ik helemaal weg ben bij het Stedelijk, werk ik alvast 9 uur per week aan de Churchilllaan. Ben meteen maar begonnen met het inventariseren van abonnementen e.d. om te kijken of we toch niet liever overstappen op digitaal ipv papier.

En misschien wordt het tijd voor een nieuwe blog 😉 TerugbijCogis of zo?


Saturday, my mother and I went to the Creative Hobbybeurs in Den Bosch – I had won some tickets. I actually bought something there, that I really like: a ‘handspinner’. It’s a sort of prayer mill, that allows you to spin yarn. I believe it’s quicker than a spindle and it’s definitely smaller than a spinning wheel. I’ve already spun a few grammes of green wool – as you can imagine, I’m going for the ‘handmade’ look 😉

New Job

Totally forgot to tell everybody, that at the last on June 1st, I’ll start my new job at Cogis for real! I’m trying to squeeze in a day a week before then, if my current employer is okay with that…