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Relapse #1

Yesterday, I relapsed. I was a volunteer at the Women’s Library in Utrecht and was given a t-shirt with the “NLdoet”-logo on:

Will wash it and wear it as a pyjama.


Omdat ik zo’n enorme provinciaal ben, ben ik vandaag naar het Winkelcentrum Ganzenpoort gefietst in de pauze. Het is naturlijk voor zo’n bleekscheet is mij enorm exotisch – al die winkels met Afrikaanse vissen, okra’s en mooie textielen. Ik moet bij mijn volgende desensitisatie-excursie een fototoestelletje meenemen en vragen of ik een foto mag nemen.

Ik heb wel gevraagd of de kinderboerderij mij een mailtje stuurt als het vacht van de schapen gaat – dan kan ik gaan spinnen!

Danske sange

Yesterday, my friend Rianne H asked me for some good danish songs (capturing the Danish spirit as it were) for her choir. It turned into a journey into a shared past (kuch kuch) on youtube. It really made me happy to hear these songs again. Even though I haven’t heard them for twenty years or so and they’re absent from my dutch environment, I know a lot of the lyrics still! Just goes to show that what you’ve been a part of as a child, lingers. And also it shows how you can’t assimilate a 100% in your new country.

Here’s a few of the songs:

Learning from mistakes

I knitted a raglan cardigan for myself. It doesn’t really fit. I only use it when I’m in pyjamas or when nobody sees me. So I’m going to frog parts of it and turn it into a cat blanket. One can never have too many of those…

Britney bij breiwerk

Britney bij breiwerk


Britney OP breiwerk

Britney OP breiwerk


On ravelry, I’ve noted the lessons from this project:

 First I started with the standard raglan sweater pattern from Hoensestrik and had knitted the body + 1,5 sleeve. I was rather far with the 2nd sleeve, but found that my gauge was really too far off for them to be comfortable. So I frogged it. And started over again….

Gauge: 10X10 cm = 19 st X 28 rows.

finally finished this thing last month (jan 2010). Am not entirely satisfied. Will use it as a learning project 😉 The back is too wide, the sleeves too long, the collar to wide, all of it too big except the sleeves which are fine. I’ll use it indoors 😉 

december 2010
I found out, that I had mismeasured my arms (they were shorter) and that the measurements on the back were too wide. Also I had 1 or 2 sts less per 10 cm than in my swatch, and in the raglan part a more than that. So this is what I’ve learned:

– Knit the swatch in the round. My knitting in the round is loser than to and fro. [I did knit the swatch in the round, actually…. I’m too inconsistant].
– Base measurements on an existing cardigan, not only my body.
– Knit the raglan part with thinner needles (0,5 should do)
– check the gauge while knitting.

 Hopefully, I’ll make a better job of what I ‘design’ myself. I don’t see to have a lot of success making stuff myself. Alas, it seems that autodidact means ‘not good at it’ in this case….


O, I’ve actually won something!! I entered the birthday draw on My Funny Eye’s blog – and actually won her snood!
So excited!!! My heart leapt up etc.!

This is so great, because I read/watch her blog quite a lot and with a lot of pleasure!!

Voorjaar (2)

Dit nummer wordt ik altijd blij van!


Effe tetsen of deze entry, die ik verstuur vanuit Word 2007 wel aankomt.


Voordeel is natuurlijk dat Word spellingscontrole heeft, en WordPress niet…