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Hilmer Hassig went to my high school for about two months in 1981 before Scatterbrain really took off. I remember him as a really nice, friendly & smiling guy. Who by the way more or less introduced me to new wave in stead of all the hippie music I’d been listening to untill then. And I only found out this Saturday (I don’t really follow Danish news) that he’d been run over and killed by a taxi last november.

Here he is, playing guitar with Kliché in 1985:


Esbjörn Svensson dies

Esbjörn Svensson, of the jazz-etc-trio e.s.t., died Saturday. Only 44, he died in what seems to have been a diving accident, outside Stockholm.

After having seen them play at Bimhuis some years ago, we went to see e.s.t. play at the North Sea Jazz Festival last year, but it was so crowded, we couldn’t see a thing. So we left, to wait for a better opportunity – which won’t occur.

Here’s a clip: