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Sheep art

And now for something completely different. I always watched “A Man and His Dog” when I was ill. This is also really OK:


Vocabulary shortcommings

As you may know, I like to read/watch Simply Photo’s blog, though I don’t always like her work (this is not a contradiction, her work makes me think about images etc.). It’s funny how after a while, you think you get to recognize her regularities or visual vocabulary. It’s something with placing the central object slightly slanted or off centre. And something about parts of humans, mainly hands, in the image. And something sweet/innocent. But I can’t really put (more) words on it (yet). Sometimes, you have an understanding of something without it being verbal. Feels good, but it’s hard to communicate…


One of the blogs I like to read/watch is My Funny Eye. She recently posted about technicolor, the beauty of it, especially in the films of Yasujiro Ozu (whose films I don’t know).

I’d never really realised it, but it was of course the technicolor feel, that made Mad Men look so good. The reds, the mints, the skin tones. Technicolor had more contrast between the colors than nowadays, or something like that. There must also have been a print process from the early sixties, that gave this kind of colors, because the series first reminded me of popular journals from that time. Off set?

Here are also some nice colors:

Mooie kleuren

I’ve liked muted colors like these for a long time. But cool colors like lemon-yellow, fuchsia, certain kinds of green, are budding in:


Perhaps it’s because I had my last day at the University Library at Nijmegen this week and won’t start at the Stedelijk Gymnasium at Schiedam untill next week, and therefore am feeling a bit unsettled and thus like things that I know, that I’m being a bit nostalgic this weekend? So I’ve spent more time than usual watching clips of past favorite music on youtube.

(Well, I’m not that old, but still. I liked this when I was 15.)

And I’ve been putting my LP’s in alphabetical order because I couldn’t find my Jethro Tull-records 😉

Soon, I’ll start living in the now again…


Hier was ik afgelopen vrijdag met A+W+B naar toe:

Was best wel leuk maar niet die allesomvattende zaligheid waar ik op had gerekend 😉

Verstilde maagden die dingen vasthouden

Ja, ze heeft weer wat te menen over foto’s…

Simply Photo heeft vaak hele mooie foto’s, al valt het mij op tijdens een tussendoorkijksessie op het werk (net 18 nieuwe aanwinsten verwerkt, tijd voor pauze) dat er tamelijk veel van die foto’s tussenstaan met ‘knusse’, rustige, bijna verstilde, huiselijke taferelen. Nu is er natuurlijk wat te zeggen voor knus, rustig en huiselijk hier in november, maar dan staat er opeens een jonge vrouwentorso tussen, die met beide losse handen voor haar borstkas van die authentieke, onbedorven halmpjes vasthoudt. Dat vindt ik dan wat minder, het wordt dan een beetje rijkelijk verstilde oogstmaagd… (hmm, waar blijven wilde najaarsmeiden met modder tussen de tenen en stro in hun haren?)


My husbands msn-reaction to my inability to accept the fact that I’ve got either BPPV or Neuritis Vestibularis (dizzyness, nausea, tiredness):

B zegt: ziek = ziek

B zegt: life = life

B zegt: en nog meer van dergelijke scheissmetaphern.

This is (of course) a reference to my favorite commercial at the moment.


Via My Funny Eye I came upon this nice film about a book.

Bits of humans

After having read/looked at several posts on different photoblogs, it strikes me that apparently, it’s fashinable to make sure that there are bits of human body on the photo’s. Look at this, for instance. Is it post-modern body fragmentation, or is it just because photography is becoming more and more of a social action?

Mooie foto

Copyright Aaron van Valen, uiteraard

Zomaar een mooie foto, van de zoon van een collega van Bart. Copyright Aaron van Valen, uiteraard. Te vinden op