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Op de achterbank

Was in het weekend op een flitsbezoek in Denemarken in verband met het overlijden van mijn oom Klaus, waar ik tijdens mijn middelbare schooltijd (laatste twee jaar) ook bij in huis woonde. Big deal dus, ook al was hij bepaald der dagen zat. Tijdens het rijden zo veel zitten breien dat ik nu wat last heb van mijn linker elleboog:

Breiend in de auto

(c) Matthijs van Gessel


Ever sweeter?

When I started my second phase of knitting (i.e. attending Stitch’n’Bitch groups) some five years ago, it was all about skulls and punk.

(picture from

Now, most of the favorites of my friends on ravelry are lace scarves… What’s happened?

(btw, as there’s nothing better than a nice Aufhefbung, I found a skull lace pattern:


Everybody’s been knitting the Seascape Stole, including me. As I had to knit it in really laceweighty yarn, it took forever 😉

It was a present for my mother’s 70 year birthday, and she really liked it. I chose the seascape because she lives in Scheveningen and the colour because it suits her.

090518 sjaal1


As I mentioned earlier, I won Farmapa’s snood:

Feel like someone from the Moomins.

Feel like someone from the Moomins.

I was googling for the combination “Christel Seyfarth” & Fassett because I wondered if I were the only one to find her designs very KF-inspired as I stumbeld upon Princes Pumpkins blog. She had also been yarn shopping in Stockholm, and had visited almost the same shops as I had. She also liked Anntorps Väv the best, as did I – I actually passed three times pondering whether to buy a lot of expensive swedish wool in marvelous colours… (I decided to wait untill I had used the Kauni that I bought in Naestved). More about the Kauni at a later time…


I spent most of my holidays in Denmark and Sweden:

Knitting activism on Götgatan, Stockholm

Knitting activism on Götgatan


Yesterday being the last day of the unraveling 2007, I unraveled a wip of mine, the silk scarf based on the Ogee Lace Skirt by Gryphon Perkins from Interweave Knits of Summer 2007. Ogee Lace Skirt by Perkins I had used the central part of the pattern, but it didn’t look well. The silk was too ‘fluffy’ to look good in this pattern. Now I’ve started a two color brioche scarf, inspired by the workshop I took with Nancy Marchant. I took the technical instruction from the pattern found at Run and Not Grow Weary (who refers to Borealis Yarns for copyright. I’m surprised they could copyright it, it’s so generic 😉 ).