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Assignment #5
It’s time to be honest. How much did you really spend on clothing, shoes and accessories the past year? Have a look at your bank statements from last year and see if you can make an overview from your spendings. Don’t forget anything, you also bought socks, lingerie and tights! If it’s hard to trace back your expenses (or if you just bought very very much) you can also sum up everything from one month and multiply it by 12.

What do you think of this amount of money? Is it more than you expected? Is it more than you agreed on with yourself?
And what part of this money did you spend on clothes that you hardly ever worn?

What do you want to do with the money you save during this year?
And what are your thoughts for the future: would you like to spend more or less on clothing? Would you consider to buy less items and spend more money per item?

Looking back at my bookkeeping, I find that I spent 825 euro on clothes, make-up, and the like. That’s a lot of money, but still less than I spent in earlier years (around 100 euro per month). I’ve decided to use a bit of this for good causes, the first being a donation to the Women’s Library in Utrecht, where I’m also a volounteer.

IMG_3672 deze-1

About the amount: I had thought, that I had spent less on clothes in earlier years, around 75 euro per month. But it’s a lot more. So much for my ascetic life style 😉

My plans for after this year: spend more per piece, buy better quality clothes… and also more second-hand. But I had started doing that already, buying clothes that are more interesting and made by small labels (and I hope therefore not made by children etc.).


Assignment #4
Hunt for that happy feeling. Try to make some new innovative combinations, explore the web for Do-It-Yourself-inspiration and go shopping in your own wardrobe. Write down the compliments you get:
‘Wow, you look amazing, is that a new dress?’ ‘No 🙂 I found a new way to wear it!’

If you think this is a difficult assignment, ask someone to help you and together you take a couple of hours to have a close look at your wardrobe. Mix & match and take pictures of clothing combinations that make you happy. A visual tool to help you out on days when you don’t know what to wear.

Again, I think: “I don’t have time for this!”. But I did dive into my closet and fished out a few things, I haven’t worn for more than a year, if not longer.

One of them is a dark petrol sweater from turnover, that I bought a few years ago. I always thought it would be too warm at the office, but that’s okay. Have worn it a few times, didn’t get any compliments though. When I get compliments, it’s usually for when I’ve got my hair in a bun, or for my indestructible Oilily green tweed coat, that I bought something like 10 years ago – or for my lime coloured La Crosse Hampton rubber boots.

Assignment #3

Find a buddy and ask him/her to help you to fulfill your personal challenge.

Easy – I’m not going to do that. I don’t really know anyone, who’s willing to commit to this totally whole-heartedly…. Some people in my network find the idea inspiring, but are not yet aboard. And I don’t want to win people over – they have to decide for themselves…

(c) victor rodriguez

Again, I’m really late with the second assignment of the Free Fashion Challenge – this is how it’s going to be.

Assignment #2
Make a contract with yourself. Write down that you will stop shopping for one year and make a list of your reasons why.

I have different reasons to stop shopping clothes etc. for a year.  The most important might be that I’ve had a rather Protestant upbringing and have a mother, who can be – at times – rather ascetic. Somewhere, I have this asceticism too, that I parade around as a green consciousness, having left the church. And still, it’s not only parading: I find being green is imperative, what whith the environment suffering like it is.

So here are my overt reasons:

  • getting more in touch with my wardrobe, i.e. finding out which gems I’m hiding in my closet. The inventory made me realise once again, that I have all kinds of clothes, I haven’t been wearing for a long time. They are not always that fashionable, but neither am I, so…
  • Not consuming as much, with regards to the environment. Considering how textiles lay a burden on our resources, that is not a bad thing to do.
  • Thinking more about how I combine what I have. Some time ago, I was a guinea pig for someone demonstrating how she could advice about colour. I turned out to be a autumn-type, while having my closet full of red & blues (and some black & green). Last year, I bought quite a number of clothes in brown, olive, orange, turquoise. Now, I’d like to combine my old clothes with the new ones to find out what is still ‘acceptable’. I made this colour board, see what I can do…



Quite some time ago, this assignment reached me:

Assignment #1
Make an inventory of your wardrobe and describe/illustrate/photograph/document the content of your wardrobe.

To be honest, I must admit that I my first thought was “What are they thinking?”. It’s clear, that this assignment comes from someone with time on her hads…

I won’t be able to document this very well. First, half my clothes are in boxes in the attic (most of my summer clothes) as I don’t have a lot of storage space in my living quarters. Second, a lot is in the hamper… Third, I’d also have to make an inventory of all my yarn… Fourth,   the time aspect. I see the ratio behind this assignment: to get a better idea of what you have in your house. But it would take too much of my time to fold all those clothes again, so I’m not doing it in a way that requires unfolding of all my clothes. I’ll be quick about it and chose a way that suits my former occupation, that of a data analist. I’ll count and aggregate….

sandals 1
boots 2
party dresses 3
night wear 4
(parts of) suits 5
tops (sleeveless) 5
underskirts & -dresses 6
trousers 9
shoes (laces) 10
skirts 11
dresses 13
cardigans 13
shoes (pumps etc.) 14
sportswear (shorts, trainers, track suits, bras) 15
tops (short sleeves, incl. t-shirts) 40
tops (long sleeves, incl. sweaters, t-shirts, shirts) 55
scarves etc 2 boxes
underwear & socks 2 drawers
leggins, long johns 2 shoeboxes
tights 4 boxes
Bags (all kinds of) 6 boxes

As you can see, I have an awfull lot of clothes. I don’t often throw things away…..

I’ve decided to take on the Free Fashion Challenge! Not to buy any items of clothing, accesoires, yarn etc. for a year!
Goal is to become more aware of all the stuff that I’ve already got and to be more eco conscious, where clothes are concerned.

I may not be able to full fill the challenge. I can already think of two occasions: the trip to Brazil (it would be a pity not to bring home an item of souvenir clothing) and my 50th anniversary (though I will try to use a dress or so that I’ve already got).