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It must be menopause, because recently I went and bought another item at Laura Ashley! (Eschewing a Crumpler bag, that I later bought second hand online for a tenth of the original price…).

Laura Ashley Bag

(c) Laura Ashley


My first Laura Ashley

In my quest for a non-jersey, slightly sixtes-like, dress, I actually bought one at Laura Ashley. The shop I didn’t want to be found dead in earlier. How old age mellows one’s likes and dislikes… 😉


New ideas, anyone?

Also I’m reading different fashion blogs (should update my blogroll), and the fashion being as retro as it is, you get a lot of eighties stuff. Is it that I’m getting old, that I’d like to see something new? Or is it just because I’ve always liked the fifties & sixties better, even when in the eighties?