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Social Saturday

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Today was such a nice day – didn’t let the weather (snow storms etc.) keep me inside the house. First I went out for some Christmas gifts for my husband – but didn’t succeed as the record shops didn’t stock any of the titles that I wanted and the book shop hadn’t gotten the book I had ordered, home yet. Also I forgot about looking for the gift for my mother in-law. Subsequently, I went knitting at Hofman’s. After I’d been solo knitting for about half an hour and as I was just in the process of paying for my coffee, Karin arrived and half an hour so later, Marita joined us. All in all a nice knitting session. Later I went over to Andrea’s – via more poorly stocked shops – for an hour of tea drinking, knitting and chatting about work and spinning (and admiring her homespun which is really smooth and of wonderful colours and texture). The trip home by means of slow busses took about three quarters of an hour – but looking out of the windows at the snowy city scape was worth it.

Now I’m at the laptop with a glass of sherry, in the company of my husband, blogging and about to do some volounteer work for the Ziel van Zuilen (an invitation for the New Years Drinks & Speeches).

(as you can see, my private life is quite  quiet and fairly rewarding at the moment, it’s at Cogis, it’s busy busy busy).


Blessing #2

(in Dutch)

Blesssing #1

Today, after having accompanied my husband to the doctor, I cycled back through Utrecht through the thaw. But there was still enough snow left to give a sense of a wintery inner city (at the Van Asch Van Wijkkade).  It being halfway through the afternoon helped, of course – you get less distracted by traffic. At times like this, I really like cycling through the older parts of Utrecht. Especially, when my husband’s allright.