Trying to finish a transaction with Amnesty: orderd 2 packs of christmas cards & a t-shirt. Shirt was too small and I wanted to swop it for a bigger one. Phoned customer service: “just post us the shirt, you’ll get another one.”

After 2 weeks I call back: what’s the status of my t-shirt? Guy at phone can’t help me, someone’ll call me back later in half an hour. After 1 hour I’m called by firm that doesn’t know why they should call me, only it’s on their sheet… (after having replaced the phone, it dawns on me that this might be connected to AI: the company seals stuff). I phone AI back, and a nice man finds out that my swop isn’t in the system and fixes things. 2 hours later, someone from AI calls me: “How can I help?” I tell him, I already called back myself and that matters are OK now (I think).

Bigger t-shirt arrived some days ago (alas, still too small – both M and L aren’t what I’m used to at H&M…). Today another bigger t-shirt arrived, plus a free pack of cards and a bill. No way I’m gonna pay for this… (I know, I could consider it a gift to AI, but I think 30 euros is a bit grand). Mailed customer services… to be continued.

Still, AI does great work in the political arena.