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Unfortunately, I didn’t win the tickets for After Life – the opera, Gnoe (see last post) offered on her blog… And I only have time this evening… Nothing to be done about it – Hopefully NPS will air it someday, or hopefully, it will be repeated at the Stopera after the international tour.


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One of my plans upon graduation was to Read More Literature – not just Young Adult Literature and/or Pulp. Unfortunately, the reading done has been limited, due to all kinds of stressful events etc. So I’ve simply been too tired or more in the mood for knitting.

But yesterday – during a walk arond Meijendaal in The Hague – Gnoe talked about the 24-hour challenge at bookcrossing. It’s also just a nice way to claim time to read! So I’m going to find a weekend and only do reading soon – also to relax a bit. And to finish the third Larsson, that I find a little bit boring at the moment….