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While staying in the US with her family, Lisa had Strelnikov stay at P.’s place. But the combination Strelnikov & P’s cats wasn’t a happy one… After some frantic ‘krabbels’ on Hyves, mails and phone calls between Utrecht and Jena, P. and I decided that Strelnikov should stay at my & Barts place when we returned from Jena. So now he’s playing (it seems ALL the time) and getting hisses and so on from my cats. These pensioners thought they were getting a relaxed Xmas holiday untill this bag-of-fleas kitty came along. We’ll just wait and see how things turn out. At least Strelnikov now knows that he has to wink at the other cats to appease them – though he also likes to provoke them by jumping out from behind doors and so  on 😉

Strelnikov valt het springtouw aan

Strelnikov valt het springtouw aan



One of the blogs I like to read/watch is My Funny Eye. She recently posted about technicolor, the beauty of it, especially in the films of Yasujiro Ozu (whose films I don’t know).

I’d never really realised it, but it was of course the technicolor feel, that made Mad Men look so good. The reds, the mints, the skin tones. Technicolor had more contrast between the colors than nowadays, or something like that. There must also have been a print process from the early sixties, that gave this kind of colors, because the series first reminded me of popular journals from that time. Off set?

Here are also some nice colors:

Mooie kleuren

I’ve liked muted colors like these for a long time. But cool colors like lemon-yellow, fuchsia, certain kinds of green, are budding in: