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Ja, je moet natuurlijk niet de tandarts bellen en vragen of hij nog een gaatje heeft…

Wegens gedoe met oude (Poolse) tandarts ben ik overgestapt naar nieuwe (Iraanse) tandarts, die dus niet overbewust is van de polysemantiek van het woord ‘gaatje’. Maar na verheldering kreeg ik een afspraak donderdag a.s.


Out of the loop

(sorry, selfpitying ahead)

Have been at home now for 3+ weeks (BPPV or Neuritis Vestibularis) and feel really ‘out of the loop’. Have hardly seen anyone, haven’t been to work (either at the UBN or my internship at Cogis), am starting to actually get bored! Unfortunately, I get nauseaus after only one or two hours at the laptop, so working is not yet an option. Also, I still feel somewhat unstable and tired. Oh, I so hope, I can start working next week… It’s taking too long! And I feel totally out of touch with everybody except my husband (fortunately…).

New ideas, anyone?

Also I’m reading different fashion blogs (should update my blogroll), and the fashion being as retro as it is, you get a lot of eighties stuff. Is it that I’m getting old, that I’d like to see something new? Or is it just because I’ve always liked the fifties & sixties better, even when in the eighties?


My husbands msn-reaction to my inability to accept the fact that I’ve got either BPPV or Neuritis Vestibularis (dizzyness, nausea, tiredness):

B zegt: ziek = ziek

B zegt: life = life

B zegt: en nog meer van dergelijke scheissmetaphern.

This is (of course) a reference to my favorite commercial at the moment.