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Via My Funny Eye I came upon this nice film about a book.


Bits of humans

After having read/looked at several posts on different photoblogs, it strikes me that apparently, it’s fashinable to make sure that there are bits of human body on the photo’s. Look at this, for instance. Is it post-modern body fragmentation, or is it just because photography is becoming more and more of a social action?

Blue tooth

Yesterday Lisa hosted a potluck dinner with a few knitters and assorted others. All very animated & I had a good time. Untill I saw my blue teeth in the mirror afterwards and wished I had kept my mouth shut…

Not Elizabeth Bennett

Everywhere where I see that people did the “Which Austen heroine are you?” quiz, they turned out to be Elizabeth Bennetts. However much I like this Austen character, I’m glad I’m someone else 😉

I am Anne Elliot!

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