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Nutteloze vaardigheden

Zag bij Gerard Bierens dat hij ee nieuwe site de lucht in heeft geslingerd: Nutteloze vaardigheden. Erg grappig!

Soms vraag ik het af hoe lang het nog gaat duren voordat de biebvaardigheden, die daadwerkelijk contact met de lener involveren, nutteloos worden.



Sunday my husband had a good idea: let’s go to the cinema and watch “Heimatklänge“. He’d been to a concert by Erika Stucky recently and received a voucher for discount on the ticket. GP went along.

It’s a film about ‘moderne jodeling’. Three singers are followed (also Stucky), there’s jodeling in the mountains, among the cows, in Mongolia, in the café, and on the graveyard. It actually sounded really good, and made me think of Beñat Achiary.  Also the film was really beautiful at times: my all time favorite – wind blowing through green grass and/or foliage – came along several times, like partially lit mountains. Also the singing had a de-automation-effect: even the sound of a passing helicopter got a musical quality.

 Also, I get the idea, that slowly, a re-appreciation of German (and the like) heritage is starting. Could this be the case?

The sun is shining like crazy outside, and I’m inside working on a paper… it’s a shame.

Trying to catch a bit of sun by opening the blinds just so that the sun will peak inside, and not shine on my screen…

This month’s Wandelgrrls walk is scheduled for Sunday, when rain is expected…